Call of duty modern warfare 2019 random class generator

Randomly generated soldiers are soldiers that appear in the game randomly. They have no definite name or rank. Their looks are drawn from a limited amount of models, and their weapons come from a small pool that is dictated by the faction the character is being generated for. If a randomly generated soldier dies, they will usually be replaced with another one that spawns out of the player's sight.


In the case of allies, their names will be chosen from a pool of random names in the same manner as their appearance. In special forces missions like Alps Chateau and Dulag IIIA, the randomly generated soldiers don't get replaced once they're dead, so it's best to keep them alive. In Call of Dutythere are random American names, random British names, and random Russian names. In the American case, if the random character has a Thompson submachine gunthey are automatically a Lieutenant.

In the Russian and British cases, all randomly generated soldiers have their rank attached to their name string. Each name has an "ID number" attached to it that the game fetches when it associates it with a person. In Call of Duty 2the naming system has been slimmed down and revamped from the first game. There are 60 American names, 60 British names, 51 German names, 27 Russian male first names, Russian male last names, 23 Russian female first names, and 31 Russian female last names.

A different rank system is in action for each faction as well. The rank of randomized American soldiers is based on the character models a soldier has been assigned, the numbers of which are fixed in the American campaign. If they have the model of an American corporal, their rank will be Corporal.

Modern Warfare Random Class Generator!

If they have Sgt. Randall 's model, they will be a Sergeant. If they have Lt. Coffey 's model, they will be a Lieutenant. Otherwise, they will be a Private. If a soldier's character model has been fixed to a Private's model, they will be a private.

If their model is fixed to a Corporal's, they will be a Corporal. These names are unused in the campaign, as the player cannot play as the Germans without the use of a mod.

If a Russian soldier is wearing a "trench hat," they will be a Corporal. Russian females can be seen in the campaign as well, although they are rarer sights. They follow the same ranking system as Russian males. Females have different last names than males due to the Russian custom of adding an "-a" to the end.Customization is always one of the biggest features of Call of Duty Multiplayer and MW3 is no different.

While creating a class in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer has been slightly altered from past Call of Duty games, you'll likely find it just as rewarding as the other methods. Classes are the collection of weapons, perks, strike packages and more that you set before each match. Each player starts out with three default classes when playing multiplayer.

Two more default classes will be unlocked between Rank 1 and Rank 4. At Rank 4, five custom classes will be available to fiddle around with. You can choose anything that's available to create the best class to dominate in. It's recommended that you change your class from map to map.

Smaller maps are best suited for close range weapons like Sub Machine Guns or Shotgunswhile bigger maps are best suited for longer range weapons like Assault RiflesLight Machine Gunsand Sniper Rifles. For midsized maps you can use whatever suits you best. Of course, the weapons aren't the only thing of importance.

Perks and the Strike Packages are extremely important when creating a class. Always keep several custom classes available for the changing matches. If the other team is dominating you with aerial support, you may want to keep a class available with a Launcher and the Perks Blind Eye and Assassin. If the other team is traveling in packs, you may want to choose a Light Machine Gun to mow them down. Keep Sleight of Hand available to reload the massive magazines.

And if everyone is playing very stealth-like, you may want to add a Silencer to a weapon and use perks like Assassin and Dead Silence. It's best to play matches by ear. Would you like to share Custom Class ideas? Post your innovations in this thread on the IGN Board. Last Edited: 7 Jul am.

Was this guide helpful?An example of a custom class in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Create-A-Class was first introduced in Call of Duty 4. It becomes available once the player reaches Level 4. As the player progresses through the ranks, new guns, perks and attachments are unlocked. There is one primary weapon slot, and one pistol slot.

There is also a special grenade slot. Then there are the three perk slots. Using a grenade launcher or a grip on the primary will remove the first perk. When the Overkill perk is used, the pistol slot becomes another primary weapon slot, but the second primary weapon cannot use a camouflageunlike the first primary weapon. Weapons are permitted only one attachment each. An example of a custom class in Call of Duty: World at War.

The Create-A-Class menu is similar to Call of Duty 4but it has World War II weapons instead of modern weapons like in the previous editions of the series and seems to be unchanged except for the addition of Vehicle Perks. The primary weapon slot contains bolt-action rifles, rifles, submachine gunslight machine gunsand shotguns. The secondary weapons consist of pistols. There are primary grenade and special grenade slots, three perk slots, and a new vehicle perk.

It is also possible to unlock another five Create-A-Class classes by prestiging a total of ten times. These extra slots are unlocked at first, second, fourth, seventh, and tenth prestige levels. An example of a custom class in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It still becomes available at level 4. The player then chooses three Perkswhich can all be upgraded to Pro versions when a certain challenge for each Perk is completed, and one of four Deathstreakswhich gives the player a "helping hand" if they sustain a certain amount of deaths without a kill the Hardline Pro perk makes each Deathstreak require one less death.

As with World at Warit is possible to unlock more Create-A-Class classes, at first, third, fifth, seventh, and ninth prestige. This is the first cod game to have the ability to put 2 attachments on a primary weapon via Bling perk, this would later become the basis for the pick 10 system.

This feature has some specific changes; for example, the player can customize the appearance of their character with Face Paint and Tier 1 perks. The player can also customize their weapons and their attachments, such as adding suppressorscustomizing Red Dot Sight reticules, and more.

Players are able to make cosmetic changes to their guns, such as etching in Clan Tags and customizing Weapon Camouflages and optics.

call of duty modern warfare 2019 random class generator

Perksfor the first time other than Shadeshave an effect on how players look in third person, although only the Tier 1 perks affect it.

Lightweightfor example, makes the player appear with less armor; Flak Jacket makes the player's character model appear to have more armor on and Ghost gives some faction player models Ghillie Suits.

Tier 1 - Main Ability - Provide constant, passive effects. Also designates player appearance. Tier 2 - Weapon Ability - Affects weapon performance. Tier 3 - Secondary Ability - It helps the player with an extra ability. Different factions have different styles of dress. For example, the NVA have a typical, guerrilla appearance, and the Spetsnaz have what appears to be a typical dress for such a faction. The players are able to preview each of these faction's appearances in the Create-a-Class 2.Looking some of the best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare classes to use in multiplayer?

However, new additions like the Gunsmith, Field Upgrades, and stricter perk categories ensure players who crave crafting the strongest builds have plenty of depth to explore.

Perhaps the biggest difference in how COD: Modern Warfare handles classes is in how it deals with attachments. All weapon attachments are handled through a part of the loadout screen called Gunsmith, which boasts more attachments than any previous Call of Duty and is a lot more generous when it comes to how many different attachments you can equip to a single weapons, with some attachments drastically altering how a gun behaves and looks.

Your Killstreaks and Field Upgrades apply to all your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare classes, while weapons, attachments, perks, and equipment makes up each of your custom loadouts. Pick one of several categories of primary weapons, which range from shotguns to sniper rifles. If you choose the Overkill perk then you can carry a second primary weapon in place of your secondary weapon.

To alter attachments you go to the Gunsmith screen, which allows you to equip five attachments of your choice. There are two categories of secondary weapons: handguns and launchers. You can equip three different perks to your class, one from each of the three perk trees. Each slot is relatively varied in scope and there are a few synergies that run across them.

In total there are 16 perks. There are eight pieces of lethal equipment spanning every type of grenade imaginable. Interestingly, there are also some anti-tank pieces of equipment like the Proximity Mine. Just pick one for your class. Likewise, you can pick from eight different pieces of Tactical equipment to choose from. The Heartbeat Sensor and Stim are curious additions to this category, while the Snapshot Grenade appears to function like a recon Bouncing Betty.

With Gunsmith you are allowed a great deal more freedom when it comes to tweaking your favourite weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Finally, there are weapon perks for some guns that take the place of one of your attachment slots. There are 17 killstreaks to choose from with the lowest being a personal UAV for 3 kills and the highest being a suit of Juggernaut armour for 15 kills.

There are plenty of familiar kill rewards and, as ever, you can pick three for your class. These choices are not locked to a particular loadout.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare classes guide: the best classes for multiplayer

This is a curious new feature. Field Upgrades are effectively additional pieces of equipment, except they recharge over the course of a match at different recharge rates. The Combat Knife is also a one-hit kill weapon up close, so if you do bump into someone you can easily take them out. The rush class carries molotov cocktails as these are great for quickly blocking off pathways, obscuring vision, and killing clusters of enemies instantly.

Smoke grenades can be handy for larger maps, while stuns and flashes are a solid alternative for room-clearing. There are two ways to build perks around this build. The first is to set up as a stealth class — in which case you may want to equip the monolithic suppressor to your for even more range — and bring Ghost and Cold-Blooded along to help you out. Alternatively, you can equip Double Time to move around the map faster. The primary weapon in this class is the Kar98k marksman rifle, a relic sniper rifle that fans of the series will remember from CoD games set during the Second World War.

This rifle can kill with a single shot to the chest all the way to extremely long ranges, but unlike sniper rifles you can scope in pretty quickly with the Kar98k, making it a great quickscoping rifle. The great thing about this class is that it can be adapted to fit any situation. We opt for aggressive perks like Battle Hardened and Hardline, plus Semtex and stuns.

This is a standard assault class designed to deal with infantry and killstreaks. Finally, bring some aggressive lethal and tactical — our default is the Semtex and stuns.Get access to all Tiers of content with Battle Pass. Platform and region availability may vary and are subject to change. You need to purchase additional COD Points in order to complete this transaction.

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Fully-optimized PC Experience. Enter your date of birth Month: Date: Year:. Please enter a valid date. System Requirements. Video Memory.

call of duty modern warfare 2019 random class generator

Minimum Requirements. Hard Drive Space. Direct X. Sound Card. PC Customization Guide.Random Quiz. Have you got what it takes to guess every item in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

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Echo himself returns to the firefight, and is instantly unlocked by purchasing the Battle Pass. Get access to all Tiers of content with Battle Pass. Platform and region availability may vary and are subject to change. You need to purchase additional COD Points in order to complete this transaction. Please visit the below retailer to top up your balance then return to this page and click here to refresh your balance. Call of Duty. Login Sign up.

call of duty modern warfare 2019 random class generator

My Call of Duty. Play Now. Select an account. Level Prestige. Link Accounts. Play the game. Level up. Earn Rewards. Enter your date of birth Month: Date: Year:. Please enter a valid date. New Free Base Weapons. A lightweight, semi-auto marksman rifle with an impressive fire rate for its class.

call of duty modern warfare 2019 random class generator

An unassuming, yet lethal pistol that excels in close-range combat.

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