Hunting leases

hunting leases

For the first time ever, instantly find hunt lease opportunities with customizable filters. Be your own hunting consultant. We're just getting started here at Deer Texas leases, if you're a landowner we would love for you to host your lease with us. Click here to learn more about our system. You need to login in order to favorite this lease: click here. General hunting rules and regulations including species information tagging, seasons and limits.

Due to the lease status, this lease in currently not accepting new inquires. Please check back later. Learn how we connect hunters looking for hunting leases to landowners. Special Guest.

hunting leases

We help hunters find hunting leases. We connect landowners and hunters. We help landowners generate revenue with hunting leases. Advanced Filtering Changing the way Texas hunting leases are found. Texas Coverage We cover the entire state of Texas with the most accurate hunting lease information available Get Started Free.

hunting leases

Filter Leases Status. Feral Hogs. Migratory Birds. Use the filters to find your ideal hunting lease! You need to login in order to favorite this lease: click here Lease Status: Available.First of all, we're not brokers, we own the land.

Because we own the land, we care about it. If something needs our attention during your lease we'll take care of it. For example, if a road washes out, we'll fix it. WoodWise is proud to be in the ninth year of our successful Hunting Lease Program. All of our hunting leases are on a one year term beginning August 1st. Along with Hunt Club Liability Insurance, provided by WoodWise at no additional cost, we encourage our lessees to enjoy the land as if it were their own.

We have many properties currently leased that are not listed, current lessees will have the first opportunity to lease these should they become available next year. NEWS: Along with a few properties that have become available, we have acquired a number of new properties that are available for lease.

Details below. Google Earth With Google Earth you can take a virtual journey to any location in the world.

Starting July 20 Moving to 8:00 P.M. EST

Explore 3D buildings, imagery, and terrain. To view Google Earth files, click to download, then double click to open in Google Earth.

Mac users may have to drag-and-drop the kmz file on earth image after launching Google Earth. If you don't have Google Earth you can download it here. Photo Gallery Visit our photo gallery to see some photos of satisfied clients. It is located just south of the Village of Boonville on Route Google Earth Topo map Aerial Photo. Excellent recreation abounds, This would also be a great camping destination within 15min of Okemo Mountain.

This property is surrounded by over acres of WoodWise Land. Slightly sloping up from the road, the topography offers excellent views. A year round stream adds to the picturesque habitat. Surrounded by over 50 acres of private WoodWise land. This one-of-a-kind secluded, yet easily accessible trophy property has is all. Locked, gated access off of year round Waterbury Rd provides easy access, while not effecting the privacy.

All boundary lines were recently repainted and posted. Within the property, Stony Brook meanders through, offering excellent Brook Trout fishing. When you leave the property, your just minutes from the world famous Tug Hill Snowmobile Trail System and also the Salmon River Reservoir and its world class fishing and boating opportunities. For a showing, please call Matt Smith as this one won't last.With public land in short supply, hunting leases are becoming more common every year.

While the concept of a hunting lease is pretty basic, the details of one are anything but. In essence however, a hunting lease is an agreement between a private landowner and a hunter, which specifies the terms permitting the sportsman to come onto the property and hunt. In this article, we'll be looking at a number of aspects involved in hunting leases, including what's generally contained within a lease, who should be consulted in the process of drawing up a lease, how much should be charged for a lease and some of the pros and cons of the practice.

Modern hunting leases first caught on in the southern United States with some of the earliest examples occurring in Texas in the s. Between andthe total amount of money spent by U. A survey conducted by the U. There are a number of potential motivating factors. For example, when hunting season opens, what public land is available for hunting can turn into quite a hotspot. If hunters lease private land, they have some say about the hunting conditions, whether this means less interference from other sportsmen or a less hectic and higher quality hunt.

Some believe they achieve a richer fair-chase hunting experience on leased land, and others are looking for hunting grounds with bigger or more exotic game than they could find on public lands near them. Whatever the reason, leases are often the way to go when hunting season opens. On the next page, we'll take a look at the different kinds of leases a landowner might offer. Here's a breakdown of some frequent scenarios:. Non-Fee Access : The most basic and traditional method of hunting on private property does not involve charging a fee for access to land.

These can be verbal or written agreements that hold the potential to help out both parties. Landowners -- often farmers -- are spared from having their crops become a buffet for the local wildlife, and hunters are able reach game that otherwise wouldn't have been available.

Exchange of Services : In some cases, landowners don't charge hunters to hunt on their land, but they do request a service of them in return.

This request might be as simple as keeping an eye out for trespassers or something a little more intensive like helping manage the grounds. Hunters might pitch in by repairing fences, clearing up debris or maintaining food plots for wildlife. Fee Hunting : There's a growing trend, however, for landowners to charge hunters a monetary fee to hunt on their property and this is for a couple of reasons. While getting assistance containing wildlife populations within the habitat's carrying capacity, landowners can also maximize their return from the land or in some cases, turn a hobby into a sideline business.

And last but not least, many charge for leases simply because the demand is there.HLRBO puts hunters looking for places to hunt in touch with land owners and hunting businesses across the United States. Using our revolutionary search technology hunters can find the exact opportunity they are looking for and then book that opportunity on HLRBO making endless searching and numerous phone calls a thing of the past.

We make all types of hunting opportunities available. Traditional hunting leases, daily land rentals, game farms, guided hunting packages, and public hunting land. Our easy to use search technology makes finding your next hunting adventure easier and quicker than ever.

Our custom lease finder program is quick and easy. We do all the work for you. HLRBO has thousands of hunters looking for their next hunting adventure.

We have made it quick and easy for them to find and contact you all Free of Charge! Either as a traditional yearly lease, a monthly rental, weekly rental, daily rental or even by the hunting season Make your land available for times and seasons when you are not using it Hunters contact you through the HLRBO website.

Your contact information stays private Template lease and rental agreements Promotion via social media and other outlets. Search by state, county, city, hunting type, public or private hunting land, and even acreage. Book Your Next Adventure Today! Thousands of listings! Your contact information stays private Template lease and rental agreements Promotion via social media and other outlets Hunting Businesses HLRBO provides you with the following: List your hunting packages, services or products quickly and easily.The interest by those looking for land has been overwhelming.

The more land lessors we get, the more money our firm is making. We plan to use LandLeaseExchange. As a land owner in Florida, I am constantly looking for additional revenue streams.

I have started offering my ranch, Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, as a venue for corporate retreats, wedding events and eco-tourism opportunities. After hosting my own event at Escondido Ranch I realized how much there was to share with others. Every guest commented on the beauty and tranquility of the lighted barn that overlooks pond and pastures. I also appreciated the flexibility and freedom this type of venue could provide to those seeking an authentic experience at a working ranch.

The question was where to begin, how to get the word out. For a busy landowner and rancher this was the perfect opportunity for me to advertise the Event Barn and Escondido Ranch. As a large land owner, we are constantly looking for additional revenue streams.

We have a great deal of land that we lease in Florida and Texas. Sign Up. Log In. Hunting Property Filtering.

Contact Owner. Learn More. We offer 3 days 2 nights Osceola turkey hunt. Any day of the week.

Hunting Leases

The primary goal is to manage our wild game based off of surveys we conduct annually. Bushnell Ranch This hunting lease is perfect for a dad and son, or just a couple buddies that want a hunting season getaway. The property is plentiful with game, and is aesthetically pleasing as well. Coleman Ranch This Property has an abundant population of Turkey, rabbit, and a few coyotes that need eradicated.

We welcome you to call this beautiful cabbage hammock your home for a hunting property. The property allows for fishing, hunting, and some of the finest scenery for camping you have ever seen.Please visit the Base Camp website to learn more about leasing properties across the country.

Steve Meng and his team of full-time leasing agents are the best in the business. Their knowledge of the outdoors and their understanding of the hunting lease business is unparalleled in the marketplace today. In two-and-a-half days of hunting, Pete and I harvested two great bucks. Pete struck first, the first evening on stand with his bow, taking a great class buck.

John showed us the property, helped us pick out stand locations and then helped create a strategy to hunt - which we had no history on before.

Our results speak for themselves. Great property, great service and great advice; leading to the property selection, hunting strategy and our ultimate successes. Before we placed our stamp of approval on the Base Camp Leasing relationship, we wanted to experience for ourselves what Base Camp had to offer.


And they certainly came through for Pete and I. Our goal at Whitetail Properties was to partner with the premier provider of high-quality leases in order to extend to our clients the best hunting land lease options in the Midwest. And this is exactly why we chose Base Camp Leasing.For the landowner, farmer or rancher, hunting leases are a way to generate income from wildlife sustained through their crop and habitat resources. Common in Europe, hunting leases also have been a common practice in some American states for almost a century.

These informal arrangements often allow hunters or trout fishermen onto private land for one or several days of the hunting or trout season. Wildlife and their habitat resources are increasingly valuable as sportspersons become more willing to pay for access to a quality outdoor experience. Sportsperson interest groups have always stressed good hunter-landowner relations as a means to continue to have public access to private lands. Additionally, many landowners realize that some sort of fee-based hunting allows them to utilize the proceeds from a wildlife resource which they subsidize, that can be used to supplement farm or ranch income or to provide cash for habitat improvement or soil and water conservation projects.

When searching for initial contacts, local conservation officers may be able to recommend individuals who work as unpaid hunter safety instructors for the state. These individuals make particularly conscientious and well-trained, law-abiding clients.

Sportsperson advocacy groups such as Pheasants Forever and National Wild Turkey Federation have state and regional newsletters that offer free or inexpensive advertising to a select audience. One potential resource for landowners is the on-line lease-service agency. This type of service charges a flat fee for the listing and acts as a go-between; a nice way for the landowner to buffer inquiries and perhaps have client contacts handled through a third party.

Most of these services offer legal advice and contracting, and have guides or suggest reputable local guide services. This is a cooperative business structure that fosters common management among neighboring landowners.

In some cases, these groups hire a management specialist who handles game and habitat management issues that include project oversight, lease agreements, and client contracts. In this model, smaller parcel holders reap the benefits of being part of a larger group. Many landowners assume that their transferable license will be sold for the same amount as those actively marketed through large, organized and well-connected outfitters. This is seldom the case. In many areas where bidding wars have occurred due to large outfitters booking prime property, landowners with less desirable or smaller parcels often are not only intentionally overlooked by the big outfitters, but their unreasonable price expectations, that price long-standing clients out of the market, can leave both the sportsperson client and the landowner high and dry.

If these landowners expect a tenfold return on their lease because someone down the road is said to be getting a premium, they may be surprised when they are still sitting on their unsold asset at the start of the season. To reduce their competition for trophy-hunting clients, some big outfitters are notorious for coming into an area and increasing lease and transferable-license prices to eliminate competition. These outfitters come into an area, use their resources to lock up a large area of adjoining parcels under seasonal or similar short-term leases, scout the best animals, harvest them, then move on to another area, perhaps in another state.

The landowners are then left to fend for themselves until market pricing readjusts or the number of trophy animals once again interests the big outfitter. The most sustainable plan is when landowners take an active role in resource management and cooperatively hire their own game manager or work with motivated highly-respected local guides. This model generates its own marketing networks, loyal repeat clients, part-time employment opportunities, revenue for cafes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, game-processing cold-storage facilities; and promotes active habitat management and poacher control.

With respect to big game animals, any management focus should be on maintaining the game population at or below environmentally sustainable levels to limit crop damage and animal mortality due to overcrowding.


Trophy animals are the outstanding individuals; management animals are the lesser males and females that need to be culled to prevent the detrimental effects of overpopulation. Price the lease according to local trends or perhaps engage the assistance of a lease service to assist with pricing and advertising.

Usually a person can get a general idea of the going rate for leases is within a general area through word-of-mouth inquiries. Another strategy is to consider a minimum that you can charge to cover your costs associated with leasing and add an additional reasonable margin to that figure.

Find your next hunting lease or lease your land on HLRBO

Some landowners opt to advertise the lease and take sealed bids prior to a deadline several months in advance. How do you plan to manage customers?

hunting leases

Develop and use a good system for recording payments and providing receipts in timely manner. If you directly work with your client, do everything in your power to facilitate clear lines of communication.

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