Kemmer cur squirrel dogs for sale

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List of Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs

Dec 30, 1. I have a mt curr female for sale. She is a older dog but still hunts great. Dec 30, 2. Dec 30, 3.

kemmer cur squirrel dogs for sale

No she is not registered. She is 8 years old. Dec 31, 4. If she was reg. Busterboy1Dec 31, Dec 31, 5. Dec 31, 6. I've hunted with this dog and she will show you the meat. Well worth the price!!!! Dec 31, 7. If your looking for a good Squirrel dog this is the ONE. AR hogmanDec 31, Jan 1, 8.

Busterboy1Jan 1, Jan 1, 9. Jan 1, I think more dogs than not are hunted till they die and if you go to sq. An 8 yr old dog isnt to old by no means. the Kemmer Cur Squirrel Dog

I've never seen a set of papers tree Jack! I emailed you.For Sale.

Search results for "mountain cur coon dogs" for sale in Tennessee

Real Estate. Post an Ad. Search results for "squirrel dog" for sale in Tennessee. Date newest first Relevance Price lowest first Price highest first.

Mom and dad both good squirrel dogs. Call 1 Location: Walnut ms. New was Only used Dandridge Tennessee Pets and Animals. He was found in a cat colony It is Springfield Tennessee Pets and Animals. We have had him since he was a little Cross Plains Tennessee Pets and Animals. Free Mountain Fiest My brother has a small young dog free he is beautiful and goes to vet. My brother works alot and cant keep him He Cedar Hill Tennessee Pets and Animals.

He is a Carolina Dog mix Franklin Tennessee Pets and Animals. Nashville Tennessee Pets and Animals. She is a great specimen of Royal Tennessee Pets and Animals. Morristown Tennessee Pets and Animals. Memphis Tennessee Pets and Animals. Times square can't shine as bright as youW elcome to Squirrel Hollow Kennels!

We are very particular hunters; our treeing feist must have a head full of sense and utilize their eyes, ears, and nose to tree game. They MUST hunt hard, tree quickly, and stay treed. I want the treeing feist that I hunt and breed to be a pleasure to hunt with, and yet be able to contend in the competition realm. Atomic Feist will range between 15" to 17" tall at the shoulder and weigh between 17 and 26 pounds. Some will have "Stand Up" ears, which is preferred, and other's ears will break over at the tips.

Their colors will vary from brindle or red with white trim, black and tan to anything in between. Most importantly the Atomic Feist are bred to be Squirrel Dogs. We do try to have several litters of treeing feist puppies each year from various crosses within our kennel. We do NOT breed our dogs just to have a bunch of puppies to sell. In our breeding program, it is our goal to advance the Atomic Feist as a squirrel dog.

Plus, to promote the sport of Squirrel Hunting with dogs. I carefully select which dogs I cross based on the genetic traits of each, in hopes of creating a squirrel dog with more well rounded abilities. As you may see, we have several dogs in our kennel. We are fortunate to have a few different hunters that can help out hunting our dogs.

I offer a "Full Guarantee" on my Atomic pups. If hunted and the puppy isn't at the level it should be by the age of 14 months and it is delivered back to me completely healthy, I will replace the puppy for another puppy from another litter. I am confident that if given a chance to do what they are bred to do, you will be completely satisfied with an Atomic Feist from "Squirrel Hollow Kennels".

Enjoy our website. Visit Top Hunting Dog Sites!Current and older litters posted at www. We believe in the Mountain Cur dog and our goal is to preserve that dog as we know it!

Donnie grew up with Mountain Cur dogs, hunting and showing several of the past "famous" dogs. The great thing about this is we have been lucky enough to pass these hunting skills and the Mountain Cur dogs on to our next generation through our son Nick Clark and his family, through our daughter Laura Clark Bohannon and her husband, Billie, and through daughter Billiejean and her husband Buck Thompson.

Which in turn they are passing the same hunting heritage on to their children! We've had four of our grandchldren to the hunts with us! Send BoxSesser, IL. Castlehill Mountain Curs. Cur Lane. Robert Kemmer with Champ and Rough! Learning you can't please all people all of the time is a hard lesson in life!

We try to do our best, especially with the people we meet and the friendships we form.

Search results for "mountain cur coon dogs" for sale in Tennessee

After all, that is the only thing in life that one will be able to take with them in the long run! Click on name below. Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association. Check out the photos of our past litters. Of course we had high hopes for him and he has met that expectation fully! Here he is pictured with our coon hides and squirrel tails. He has been to the woods with Donnie coon hunting and squirrel hunting and treed on both. He has a super disposition and fits his name to a T!For Sale.

Real Estate. Post an Ad. Search results for "mountain cur coon dogs" for sale in Tennessee. Date newest first Relevance Price lowest first Price highest first. They average out to be 15 to They are all friendly and have great personalities. They will come with papers, Treeing Walker Coon Dogs I have 1 male and 1 female, 1 years of age for sale.

National Champion winner moms and dads. Grand Champion and He needs somewhere to run and Knoxville Tennessee Pets and Animals. They are almost 6 weeks old. Will come with papers, first shots, and wormed. She is almost 10 weeks old. Will come with papers, first shots, He is very sweet and loves your attention. Savannah Tennessee Pets and Animals. To claim must have proof. Jamestown Tennessee Pets and Animals.

kemmer cur squirrel dogs for sale

Franklin Tennessee Pets and Animals. They said that she has been He is a very energetic and happy boy! He loves running She was found a few weeks ago after she crawled into a culvert Very Loving But very One of the favorites and should be a great family dog.

Very polite, Rogersville Tennessee Pets and Animals. Goodlettsville Tennessee Pets and Animals. Ella is oneLog in or Sign up. Jan 12, 1. I'm fairly new to hunting squirrels with dogs, but I'm hooked. I have pretty much settled on a Kemmer Mt. Cur, but have no idea how to find a good breeder.

Anybody have suggestions? Jan 12, 2. Tree Pro Kennels Charles Fasola. There is also a Kemmer breeder in Missouri as well. Some Mississippi boys have some of the great Kemmers out there and they can be found on the Web. Charles Fasola and "Pa" Roy Pennell are both very straight shooters and would be happy to talk dogs with you if you give them a call.

Jan 12, 3. Im open to the Mt Cur line. Being new, it would be hard for me to "choose" a good blood line. That's why I was directed to Kemmer's. I would like to find someone local that has GOOD dogs. Jan 12, 4. Well, I, as noted I do love Kemmers. Just did not want to prejudice you with my own personal bias. Since you have already decided, do a Google search on; Treeprokennels. Charles Fasola has some really good dogs and knows his stuff.

Call him up and talk to him. He will be happy to help you and if you like, you can directly order a pup, either a Kemmer or a Cajun from him. He makes a point to only breed his natural tree dogs.

No sure thing, of course, but it does put the odds way in your favor. That cannot be said of all breeders. Beyond that, he is a very good man, who really loves his sport and his dogs, no "puppy mill" here. Good luck. But he lives way far away in Southern Illinois.Mountain Curs. It is a member of the Hound group and is one of several varieties of cur. They can also be used as water dogs.

kemmer cur squirrel dogs for sale

The Mountain Cur Breeder's Association was formed in The Mountain Cur was brought to America from Europe by the settlers of the Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee mountains to guard the family and property, and chase and tree game.

These dogs enabled the settlers to provide meat and pelts which could be sold or traded for other goods. The Mountain Cur was bred and maintained for nearly two hundred years. With the advent of World War II, many of the families who had bred them left the rural areas and went to work in factories in the war effort. By the end of the 's the breed was becoming rare.

Coat: Heavy, medium short. Color: Black, black and brindle, yellow and can have white points. Head: Broad square with top being a flat plane between the high set ears. Eyes:Dark brown, expressive. Ears:Short to medium with a high set and tightly controlled. Muzzle: Heavy with wide nares.

Teeth form a scissor like bite. Body: Stocky, muscular, square and slightly longer than it is tall. The tail can be docked but long enough to form a handle for show. Some pups are born with a bobbed tail.

kemmer cur squirrel dogs for sale

Legs: Straight, medium long, muscular capable of speed. Feet: Oval shaped, muscled with feline-like pads. Can have back dew claws. The Mountain Cur is intelligent, easily trained, and neither vicious nor shy. They can be suitable as companion animals and guard dogs.

External links. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Temperament The Mountain Cur is intelligent, easily trained, and neither vicious nor shy.

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